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What is alimo?

Fun and curvy mixed with a 5-year-old inner childlike mentality. A goal to combine cartoon craft functionality while using principles of design to create a quirky radical feel.

Outside of this never ending realm of creativity, you'll find me outside hanging with rad people that do rad things.


During art school I got fed up with kids drawing dots on canvas and calling it art. They’d convince the user during critique with concept and discussion it was true. They were right. 

At the time, I wanted to take on a different approach and find an idea that 'means nothing’. Art for arts sake and stay true to the rad that drawing was just ultimately super fun.


For a school project, my professor assigned everyone to create a skate brand. Each day, kids came up with new names that had a backstory. I wanted the opposite. I seeked urban dictionary and typed in the words ’mean's nothing'. By the anonymous contributor, Alimo was the definition of these meaningless words. A week later, the definition was removed from the site and Alimo has been around ever since. Yewww!

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I love collaboration, and I would love to hear about your project!


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